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bioWhy Am I a Psychologist?

My dream of becoming a psychologist started in high school. It was a time of intense emotions and experiences. While my friends and I tried to support ourselves and each other through the turbulent waters of adolescence, we often felt that we were being pulled under. I realized then how helpful it would be to have a non-judgmental, supportive adult to help guide us through the transition to adulthood. So, my passion was ignited and I set my mind on becoming a psychologist.

Education and Experience

First, I went to the University of Waterloo and earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1997. I was off and running. Then, I planned to take a year off and moved to Vancouver for three years. This “mistake” allowed me to accumulate some real-world experience. I worked in retail and foodservice for a while. Which everyone should do for perspective, right? I then got a position in a group home that provided safe housing for adolescents living on the street. This experience taught me a lot about direct service and motivated me to get back to school. While I enjoyed supporting the teens, what I really wanted was to help them make significant life changes.

So, back on my career path, I moved to Florida in 2000 to continue my education. While in graduate school, I learned that I loved being a therapist as much as I had hoped! I also found that while I still had a passion for working with adolescents, I enjoyed working with adults and children as well. My formal education was completed with earning my Masters of Science in 2002, on route to graduating with my Doctor of Psychology Degree (PsyD) in 2005 from Nova Southeastern University.

Living the Dream

The final requirement of the doctorate was to complete a year-long internship. I was matched at Community Reach Center, which led me to beautiful Colorado. After the internship, I went on to work on my post-doctoral licensure requirements at The Crisis Center. I achieved my career dream and became a Licensed Psychologist in 2007.

In January 2010, my Psychologist dream career became even better when I started my private practice. This work provides me the opportunity to do what I love, while also supporting the rest of my life. I try to follow my own advice and check-in with myself often to see where I need to re-balance my life for maximum quality and health. To that end, I am currently working on practicing mindfulness, making self-care a priority, asking for support, and not letting fear stop me from experiencing new adventures!

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story. 

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