Coeur d’Alene Online Therapy Services

Real Therapy, Real Convenience

Coeur d’Alene has it all – lakes, trees, and yes sometimes snow. When I moved here last year, I decided to add to my traditional “therapy office” by also offering online therapy. This allows my clients to work with me either fully in-office, by video, or a combination of the two depending on their needs and comfort. I welcome my clients to choose what works for them and during flu season or a snowstorm you might be motivated to try Telehealth!

This is real therapy, just like in the traditional office setting, but with the convenience of meeting from your home or office. Some people find it a little awkward to start if they aren’t used to video conferencing. However, most people get over that initial “this is weird” moment quickly and they find that it feels just like sitting in the therapy office. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation session on a secure online video platform and see if Telehealth is right for you.

Training, Experience, Stability

Telehealth is a great option for accessibility of care and by choosing a psychologist in private practice, you are getting a clinician with the highest level of training and the expertise that you want. Read more about factors to consider when choosing a therapist. There are several services that offer low-cost Telehealth therapy, but unfortunately, you don’t get to choose who you are working with or ensure long term availability of that provider. By choosing an independent therapist, you can set yourself up for quality treatment with long term support if needed. I have several past clients who contact me now and then when they are struggling or when a difficult situation arises. Since I know them and their history, we can meet for a session or two and get straight to addressing the current need.

Clinical and Technical Training

I am a licensed psychologist who has been in private practice since 2010 in the Denver area and I have converted much of my practice to Telehealth over the past year since moving to Idaho. I have completed a 17-hour continuing education class and conducted extensive research on HIPAA compliant tools in this process. I can provide quality treatment with the convenience of meeting from your home or office. You just need a quiet, private space, decent internet connection, and a computer, tablet, or smartphone. I use technology that allows us to connect in an easy and secure manner. Please read more about setting up for a Telehealth session.

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