Untreated stress and anxiety can destroy self-confidence or self-esteem. Most people are harder on themselves than anyone else. Every perceived rejection or failure can erode your belief that you are a good, worthy person. Over time, this can lead to depression and hopelessness. Rewriting the manual for how you talk to and treat yourself is the core of changing this pattern. I also put a strong emphasis on teaching my clients how to incorporate healthy self-care into their daily life. It is important to feel better now and to have skills to manage stress that you can maintain over time.

Learning to feel good about yourself isn’t about being perfect. It is about learning to accept yourself as a “work in progress,” like everyone else. When you appreciate your strengths and your efforts, you will feel hopeful. Also, when you feel compassion and care for yourself, you will feel loved and supported. In support of these goals, I teach my client’s skills like cognitive reframing (changing how you think about yourself, others, and the world), mindfulness (learning to be in the present moment in a non-judgmental way), and self-compassion (learning to be kind and understanding to yourself when you are hurting).

Another very important part of therapy that enhances self-esteem is the therapeutic relationship. I will work with you to support learning and growing in the direction that you desire. I will offer information, tools, skills, and outside perspective, but I will also respect that you are the expert in your life. We will work together in a collaborative way as partners on your journey towards better health. To feel better about yourself, you need to be respected and encouraged to find what works for you, not told what you are doing wrong. However, I will be active in helping, like by gently point out when your thoughts and actions don’t match up with your goals. Giving you tools and perspective to allow you to make new choices and feel better day by day. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation session and learn how to improve your self-esteem.