Are stress and anxiety getting in the way of you achieving the success, joy, and fulfilling relationships that you long for?

Then it is time to do something about it and you’ve come to the right place! You might be worried that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Instead, I see it as a wise choice to know when you need help and to seek it out. Just like putting on a jacket when it is cold out, therapy is a support in a time of need.

My approach focuses on forming a collaborative, active relationship to get you feeling better as quickly as possible. Of course, I will listen to you and offer support as you process your feelings. However, my treatment doesn’t stop there. I believe that understanding how you think and feel is the first step. This awareness opens up your ability to make active choices. With the support of a non-judgmental, caring therapist you will be able to identify where you are stuck. Then you can determine what you need to move forward towards health in your mind, body, and relationships. I emphasize using active coping skills including CBT techniques, mindfulness, self-care, and setting healthy boundaries in relationships.

Working together with a clear plan to treat anxiety, we can get you on a path to being proud of who you are with high achievement, life satisfaction, and healthy, supportive relationships. Don’t waste any more time just surviving, now is the time to live life to its fullest!


Dr. Jody Draper Kircher is opening to clients in Ontario. She is currently accepting new clients for Telehealth sessions and will be available for some in person sessions in Kingston when appropriate. Please call or fill out the secure Contact form to request a consultation. Ontario Registration #50005766.


While Dr. Kircher has moved out of Colorado, she is maintaining her license and continuing to work with Colorado clients. She is available for Telehealth sessions for new and continuing patients. Call today to ask more about Telehealth or set up a Free Consultation session. Colorado License PSY-0003083.


As technology is improving, it allows for more accessibility and options for treatment. For therapy, using secure video allows for a relationship that has been shown to be as effective for treatment as in-person sessions. This is a great option for people in rural areas, as it allows you to choose who you want to work with and to avoid the limitations or discomfort of working with someone in your community. This may be particularly important for medical professionals, mental health clinicians, and other highly visible members in a community who may be reluctant to seek help locally. Telehealth also allows you to choose a clinician with specialized interest and training, rather than having to go to a generalist. With Telehealth you can have the privacy you need while getting the help you want. Read more

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