About Anxiety Therapy

Getting Started

You are here because you are hurting right now. However, the idea of starting therapy may feel like a combination of “I need to” and “I don’t want to.” It would be great to feel better, but you are not sure you want to open up. Can you handle sharing the very parts of yourself that you try so hard to keep hidden? I can’t promise that it will always be easy. I can promise that when I ask you how you are feeling, I want to know the truth. There is no need to protect me with the socially acceptable “fine” or edit yourself. I am here to work with you on your journey of healing.


Most people think of anxiety as being a problem that stands in the way of happiness. At extreme and chronic levels this is true. What we often forget, though, are the strengths of being an anxious person. People who are “worriers” have a good sense of protection and desire to be successful. When you learn to manage your anxiety, you can harness these strengths. Through this process, you can experience greater achievement, build healthier relationships, find more happiness, and even make positive changes in the world.

The Process

I will bring my education and experience to support you while respecting that you are the expert of your internal world. Intense feelings, dysfunctional behaviors, and even some physical pain issues are signals that you are not coping well. This means that there are problems need to be addressed, not that you are broken or damaged. 

I believe that people are naturally drawn to grow and change towards their healthiest selves, but sometimes we get stuck. Therapy can help kick-start the growth process allowing you to move towards health and happiness, as efficiently as possible. We will work together to understand who you are and why you think and feel the way you do. This will form the foundation for you to make choices that will move you forward towards emotional, mental, and physical health.

My Approach

I believe strongly in the importance of being non-judgmental and authentic as a therapist. I strive to be supportive and direct in my communication. You might call it acceptance with a push forward. I want to work with you to figure out what you need to find your way out of the pain and to gain more hope about your life and the future. 

The foundational principals of how I work are rooted in Humanistic or Person-Centered theory. This perspective supports using what works, so I draw on many different techniques and approaches to facilitate growth. These commonly include Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies to help change thoughts and behaviors. I also incorporate many mindfulness techniques into my work to help with learning to be in the moment, calming, and gaining insight into internal processes. The focus of my treatment is helping my clients to understand themselves while learning tools that will support greater happiness and allow them to achieve their goals.

Read more about specific issues I treat: Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Self-Esteem, Anxiety with Depression, Insomnia, Type A Personality, Work/School Stress, and Relationship Stress.