Work/School Stress

Career and education are areas that often cause and are negatively impacted by stress and anxiety. People with chronic worry may under-achieve due to perfectionism and/or procrastination. Even though you are a smart, capable person, those around you might not see your potential due to your overloaded coping ability. You may even find yourself criticizing others to try to feel better or because you know that you can do a better job. Therapy can help you harness this drive to excel and learn how to use it to help rather than hurt.

Therapy can help you can handle the ups and downs of life with less anxiety through learning skills for emotional regulation and stress management. You can learn strategies to change how you talk to yourself and learn to treat yourself as a caring supportive friend. You will learn to reframe your thoughts in a way that allows you to see what can be done, rather than feeling stuck. You can also shift your expectations to manageable goals and learn to focus on your steps in the right direction, rather than the pile of unaccomplished demands.

Career and education do involve a lot of work, but they don’t have to feel overwhelming. Learning how to manage stress and set healthy boundaries can help you enjoy your life. If you are having fantasies of quitting and running away, try therapy first so that you can make active choices based on what is best for you overall. Sometimes a change is the right choice, however, it is better to choose to move towards what you want, rather than run away. Dr. Jody Kircher can help you cope with your current challenges as well as possible, set boundaries at work and with colleagues, and consider which changes would support your overall goals and health.